Adult Dance Lessons – Are You Too Old to Learn?
Adult Dance Lessons – Are You Too Old to Learn?
Adult Dance Lessons – Are You Too Old to Learn?

The big question posed in this article is, are YOU as an adult too old to take adult dance lessons? The answer is a resounding NO! And this includes ALL age groups! I’ll talk about adult dance students in a moment, but first, I’m going to give a quick overview about parents and dancing for kids.

Brief Overview of Dancing for Kids

For decades, dance classes for kids has been one of THE go-to activities parents seek out for children of ages as young as 3 or 4 years old on through their teenage years. Parents shell out loads of money to have their children participate in styles like ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, and hip hop. The benefits of having children participate in dance is immeasurable, and parents often don’t hesitate to spend top dollar on reputable dance programs. While our studio, DanceCraft, offers kids ballroom dancing only as an option for young people, we highly respect any form of dance and encourage parents to get their kids involved early. Yes, we have a bias towards partner style dancing when it comes to kids, and we will soon be writing about why we feel the benefits of such outweigh other solo styles of dance, but to parents we say this: Get them dancing! The rewards are TREMENDOUS!

Old Students & Adult Dance Lessons

Through our studio, we teach adults of all ages, and we have observed an incredible phenomenon through our adult dance lessons and social dance parties… we have no OLD students! But wait, didn’t I just say we teach adults of ALL ages? Yes, I certainly did! The majority of our students are between 45 and 75 years of age, and NOT ONE of them act as if they are old. Yes, we have been to dance functions where the atmosphere WAS old. The participants acted old. They moved as they were old. They socialized as if they were old. But not at DanceCraft… not at THIS adult dance studio. Our students behave in a youthful way (not TOO youthful, mind you!), and we know there are many studios just like us who have also successfully fostered a youthful ambiance with all the adult dancing lessons and social dance functions they offer.

You Are NEVER Too Old to Learn to Dance

About 90 percent of the students who walk through our door describe themselves as “having two left feet,” having “no rhythm,” or being “a complete klutz.” It makes no difference, because with a good program and great instructors, surrounded by scores of supportive and encouraging dancers, age becomes irrelevant and learning happens quickly and enjoyably. Only YOU can decide if you are too old to dance, and if you come to the conclusion that you are too old, we challenge you to come to our studio to learn one simple lesson… age is largely a state of mind, so don’t let a number keep you from being youthful.

Advice for Potential Adult Dance Students

At some point you may have seen the value of putting your child in some kind of dance program, and now it’s time to experience the value of doing the same for yourself. Search for adult dance lessons near you and find out for yourself that age has nothing to do with learning how to dance. And one last bit of advice… if you find a place that FEELS old, you may want to shop around, because dance should make you feel young again, and the right venue will offer you just that!

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