Couples Dance Class – Sharing & NOT Sharing
Couples Dance Class – Sharing & NOT Sharing
Couples Dance Class – Sharing & NOT Sharing

Couples Dance Class

Partner dancing is a vital part of learning to dance, and there are a couple of options that we at DanceCraft have available for you. Although we focus on and teach dancing with multiple partners since it will increase your ability to learn to dance well with anyone, we have a “Date Night” couples dance class option available as well. I will discuss the options and reasons behind these options in this blog post!

Sometimes it’s Better to be Stingy

Couples Dance ClassSocial partner dancing is the guiding element that drives how we choose to operate our studio… with a strict emphasis on the word “SOCIAL.” Our philosophy offers a stark contrast to the guiding principles many traditional partner dance studios use to conduct business. For example, we want our students to become the very best LEADERS or FOLLOWERS they can be while dancing socially. This is a completely different skill set than learning to dance well with your instructor for the purposes of performing in a showcase or executing routines for competitions. Likewise, taking a couples dance class and practicing with one other person exclusively will greatly hinder your ability to learn to dance well socially. We have seen many couples dance together almost exclusively and, to the untrained eye, they look fabulous! However, if you were to separate them, reassigning them to other partners, things start to unravel quickly. We strongly encourage dancers to work with a variety of partners in order to develop a true understanding of the lead/follow relationship of partner dancing. We have competition students, but even with them, we place a strict emphasis on the communicative properties of partner dancing… and it works! Even for those who are interested in a couples dance class, it is still wise to experience dancing with others, outside of the couples dance class.

On the Other Hand…

We also feel it is very important to connect emotionally to your partner during dance, when that partner is your significant other. Learning to dance often times is a goal couples set TOGETHER, and constantly having to rotate partners can sometimes take the romantic wind out of a couple’s sail when they intended to make this a hobby they enjoy together.

So, it’s a bit of a balancing act…

(1) Rotate partners to learn dancing faster, while sacrificing time dancing with your true partner. (2) Dance exclusively with your true partner and learn at a slower pace, at the risk of never developing a true grasp of leading or following.

I personally know what it’s like to occasionally want to keep your true partner to yourself. Owning a dance studio, you would think I get to dance with my partner (also the love of my life) frequently, but the truth of the matter is, I don’t… at least not just for fun. At our social dance parties we will be lucky to dance together more than twice, which can be a hard pill to swallow when I see some leaders dancing with her several times in one night. This is just a sacrifice we make for our dance community!

On rare occasions, Traci and I will go dance somewhere off the beaten path of known dance venues. We do this to reconnect. We do this to enjoy dancing together. We do this to avoid the challenges of having to tell people, “I’m sorry, but we are just dancing together tonight,” which can easily be misunderstood and taken negatively.  Sometimes we will take other couples with us communicating the expectation that we will not be dancing with other people.

The DanceCraft Difference

At DanceCraft, we believe learning to dance with EVERYBODY is what is best when one’s primary goal is to learn to dance well with any partner.  However, when a couple’s primary goal is to dance together, it’s important to take time to do just that, without social pressures to share your partner with other dancers. This is why we created Date Night Dancing every Friday as a COUPLES dance class!

One night a week we offer dance classes for couples only, meaning there is no rotation of partners during class. No other class we offer requires a partner as rotation of dancers is the norm. Sometimes, it’s absolutely appropriate to be just a little stingy with your partner, and we recommend mixing a couples only format to your dance education if you feel you are lacking that exclusive time on the dance floor with your one and only TRUE dance partner.

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