Wedding Dance Lessons – Are You Ready for Your Reception?
Wedding Dance Lessons – Are You Ready for Your Reception?
Wedding Dance Lessons – Are You Ready for Your Reception?

Wedding Dance Lessons

Learning to ballroom dance for a special event typically involves a different approach than if you were pursuing ballroom dancing as a hobby, especially if you are considering taking a wedding dance lesson. First, let’s set the proper expectation… One lesson is not going to cut it! You will need multiple wedding dance lessons to prepare for the big day, and this blog post is all about how to best prepare for wedding dance instruction.

Just about every ballroom dance studio offers wedding dance lessons as part of their offerings. However, not all programs are created equal… and when it comes to wedding dances, “equal” is not what you should be going for. Words like “special, unique,” or “one of a kind” should be what you are looking for, so picking the right program for your wedding dance lessons requires more than just heading to the nearest local dance studio.

Before You Start Shopping for an Instructor…

Since you’re spending money on wedding dance lessons, it’s important that you show up prepared from the get go. I have included a list of some things you should have figured out before you start taking wedding dance lessons, based on my experience. Try to have as many of these elements prepared before you meet with an instructor.


Know Your Wedding Song 

Knowing your song allows an instructor to target the specific type of dance style that perfectly fits your special song. Not all dance styles fit all types of music, so it’s important that you find a song as early as possible so as to allow your instructor to identify the best approach for your lessons. wedding dance lessonsIf you have a few songs you are considering, bring all the songs to an instructor and ask what styles of dance go to each song. Ask for a demo of those dance styles. You may pick your song based on the style of dance you like best! Warning: There are programs out there that will teach you a canned routine that has been used over and over again. Try to work with someone who will be more creative and unique when choreographing your routine.

Brides: Know Your Dress and Shoes

Being familiar with what you will be wearing during your wedding dance is very important. While we know you can’t practice with your dress with your future hubby prior to the wedding, you can prepare by wearing shoes and a skirt that fit similarly. You don’t want the first time you dance in high heels to be at your wedding! Find something comparable and bring them to your wedding dance lessons with you.

Know Your Venue

More specifically, know what type of surface you will be dancing on and how much space you will have to dance in. This is important, as your instructor will want to choreograph a routine that fits your dance floor!

Be Realistic

There is no doubt about it… you and your future spouse CAN learn to dance well together and provide a beautiful dance for all of your guests to enjoy. However, learning to dance takes time and consistency. If you have six months to work on your dancing before the wedding, you will be more prepared than if you wait last minute and try to cram everything into one month. Allow your instructors to judge what kind of difficulty level you should be dancing at. Your dance instructor is in the best position to evaluate how complicated or simple your routine should be. Trust them! And remember, there are two dancers involved, so if you are more skilled than your partner, be patient and give your partner time to learn.

Explore Other Options

Sometimes the best dances are not choreographed. If you want to look and feel completely natural on the dance floor, and you start early enough, you may want to consider learning how to dance in a lead/follow format. This means no choreography! This means truly understanding how to dance and embracing your role as a leader or follower. This means developing a skill set you will enjoy for the rest of your lives together! You both will look fabulous and feel completely in control.

Likely the most important thing to keep in mind when considering wedding dance lessons is the fact that you should give yourselves a lot of time to learn. Planning weddings are stressful enough as it is. Don’t make learning to dance at your wedding stressful as well. It should be fun! Even if you don’t have all the above-mentioned things figured out, start taking lessons right away. It doesn’t matter what style you learn… they all will help you develop skill. Once you start gathering all the information above, share it with your instructor so he or she can start customizing the process.

May your wedding dance be the most memorable part of your wedding for all who attend!!!

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