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Pick a style of dance from the schedule of classes we offer.

We offer instruction in a variety of styles of dance through our group class program. While some styles, due to popularity, are offered consistently, other styles will be cycled throughout our schedule. There are always several styles of dance to choose from at any given time.

Register for a 6-Week Beginner Level series.

All regularly scheduled group classes are offered as 6-Week sessions. You will meet at the same time each week for the duration of the series. Beginner classes are progressive in nature, so we don’t allow drop-ins after the second week of a series. Each class is 45 minutes in length.

Upon completion of your first series, register a second time for the same series.

You should not expect to be proficient at the beginner level after 6 weeks. Learning to dance takes time! Moving ahead too fast will only delay your progress. By the end of your second series, you will feel much more confident and better prepared to move on to Advanced Beginner Level.

Earn your Beginner Mastery Certificate upon completion of your second series.*

Once you complete two full 6-Week sessions, you will earn your Beginner Mastery Certificate which allows you to attend that Beginner series again forever for FREE.

*Some dances are a bit more complex than others. West Coast Swing and Country 2-Step require the completion of three 6-Week series to earn a certificate.

Return to the same series for FREE to develop true mastery of your basic elements of dance.

Mastery of your basic elements of any style of dance is the best and most efficient way to reach your goals as a dancer. We have yet to meet any dancer who has mastered their “basics” in 12 to 18 weeks, therefore, we invite you to do so for FREE, even after you have moved on to Advanced Beginner Level Class!

How the Program Benefits You

You can’t learn it all the first time around. It takes seeing the same information several times, practice, and repetition to execute basic techniques (THE BASICS) well. The basics in any partner dance style has many layers. Certain layers should be addressed before others. While those first layers are being addressed, the others must temporarily be placed aside so we can come back to them later when we are primed and ready to absorb the new information. We can only manage so much information at once; focusing on too many parts will end up with poor outcomes… Every. Single. Time.
Beginner Mastery Program helps manage your expectations by giving you a realistic time frame upon which you can expect to move forward to the next level. It also encourages continued involvement in beginner level classes later at no cost to you, giving you an opportunity to refine your personal dance style in a controlled, uncomplicated environment.

Price Structure

Drop-ins are not allowed after the second class of a series. /
Single 6-Week Series
Attend the same class at the same time on the same night for six weeks. /
Two 6-Week Series
Attend two separate classes on the SAME NIGHT to receive a big discount! /
Three 6-Week Series
Some nights you can take up to THREE classes and receive over 30% off! /

A Few of Our Beginner Mastery Program Graduates