Dance Styles

Dance Styles in Pensacola

Pensacola is fortunate to have a wide variety of dancing opportunities in the area. Once you decide to dance, you may be unsure of what types of dancing you want to learn. Most dancers start with one or two styles, but eventually branch out to learn many different styles. Our group classes focus heavily on dance styles you will be able to use often in a variety of different settings. Read the brief descriptions below and let us know what interests you most!

If you are new to dance, you may need more than the descriptions below in order to decide where to start. Give us a call at 850-503-1123 and we can help you make the best choice for you!



"Swing dance,” a group of dances developed with the swing style of jazz music in the 1920s-1940s, are still wildly popular today. While some swing dances, like Lindy Hop and East Coast Swing, have largely remained true to their roots, other styles, like West Coast Swing, have evolved, and continue to evolve with changes in musical preferences. With multiple first place wins in the World Swing Dance Circuit, our DanceCraft pros are sought out from many miles around for their expert instruction.  

DanceCraft offers regular group and private instruction in East and West Coast Swing styles of dance. Visit our Swing Dance Class schedule to find out when our next swing series begins!


Combining Swing, Latin, and Ballroom styles of dancing into a well-balanced, socially dynamic dance genre, Country dancing provides the perfect mix of social, performance, and completive dancing! Whether or not you are a fan of country music, learning to dance through this genre will quickly help you become a great social dancer to all kinds of styles of music!   

DanceCraft owners, Jeremy Ruben and Traci Bell, are winning competitors of the United Country Western Dance Council circuit, competing in the styles of Country 2-Step, Waltz, Cha Cha, West and East Coast Swing, Nightclub 2-Step, Triple-Two, and Polka. Dancers of the Gulf Coast region flock to DanceCraft for expert instruction and exciting social dance experiences. Visit our Country Dance Class schedule to learn when our next series of classes begins!


Ballroom dance can refer to almost any type of partner dancing as a recreational activity. However, in modern times, the meaning has narrowed to traditionally include a smaller number of dances, while many other dances have been more specifically categories (see categories above). Ballroom styles of dance are often separated into two primary categories; Rhythm and Smooth. Some Smooth styles of Ballroom dancing include Waltz, Foxtrot, and Tango, all taught at DanceCraft. Some Rhythm styles of dance would include, Rumba, Cha Cha, East Coast Swing, and Mambo, which you will also often find on our schedule of classes.

If Ballroom dancing peaks your interest, and you would like to learn how to start your dance journey, visit our Ballroom Dance Class schedule to find out when our next series of classes starts. We teach ballroom styles most nights of the week!


Social Latin dances include salsa, merengue, rumba, bachata, and Cha Cha. Derived from Native Latin, European, and African influences, Latin styles of dance are danced socially and competitively all over the world.

DanceCraft currently teaches regular group classes in Latin styles of dance throughout the week. If you are interested in Latin styles of partner dancing, or any kind of dancing, visit our Latin Dance Class schedule to find out when our next class series starts up.