About Our Date Night Dancing

Most our classes are designed with SOCIAL DANCING in mind. To truly understand your role as a partner dancer, whether that be as a leader or follower, learning happens far more efficiently if you have an opportunity to dance with a variety of partners of various skill levels. For this reason, we rotate partners throughout most classes.

However, when spending one-on-one time with a special someone in your life takes priority … as sometimes it should!... our Date Night Dancing classes on Friday nights is the perfect program for you! No rotating partners in these classes. It’s just you and your sweetheart dancing together throughout the entire class. Our beginner level starts at 6:30 pm and our advanced beginner level begins at 7:15 pm.

Our Date Night Dancing instructors, Larry and Sherri Bunch, are perfect examples of a two people who truly cherish their time dancing together. As avid social dancers, regardless of how much they dance with other people, they always find time to make their partnership a priority. Their time on the dance floor together brings them closer as a couple, and they look forward to helping other couples experience the same joy through dancing.
We offer two classes each Friday night, with each class covering technique in two different styles of dance. These classes are offered as a 6-week series and should be started with the first class as you will progress through a curriculum throughout the six weeks.

Check out our current schedule to see when the next Date Night Dancing session will begin!