Swing Dancing Pensacola

swing dancingWest Coast Swing

DanceCraft is the premier studio in the Pensacola area to teach west coast swing the way it is danced world wide. We are proud to have two of the most up-to-date and active competitive west coast swing experts along the Gulf Coast teaching this ever evolving dance style.

West Coast Swing dancing is one of the most popular forms of dance in the world, and for good reason. This dance is highly versatile, being danced to genres of music like R&B, Blues, Top-40, Country, Disco, Pop and Contemporary Hip-Hop sounds.  Derived from Lindy Hop and developed in California, this dance is smooth, sexy and funky. West Coast Swing is king when it comes to freedom of movement and musical interpretation making it a highly sought after style of dance to learn. DanceCraft has the most popular West Coast Swing dancing program in the area, offering multiple classes each week and a West Coast Swing social dance every Wednesday night. Contact our studio for more information about how to learn and enjoy this style of dance.

East Coast Swing

East Coast Swing is the perfect beginner swing dance.  Easy to learn and danceable to all kinds of music, learning this dance will get you on the dance floor in no time at all! Like West Coast Swing, East Coast Swing was derived from Lindy Hop, but the similarities stop there.  East Coast Swing is a high-spirited dance that will keep you energized on the dance floor. Considering this dance requires far less athleticism, flexibility and endurance than Lindy Hop, it is popular with dancers of all physical abilities.