What People Are Saying

Congrats! For taking YOUR first steps to promote social partner dancing in Pensacola! Dancing not only provides a level of fitness it keeps you young at heart! We know– we’ve been partner dancing (country, WCS, ballroom) ever since we met –going on 17 years! We hope to support you any way we can–thanks for sharing your love of dance and providing a great place where others can learn and enjoy it too! See you on the dance floor! – Bill and Maggi Roberts

Jeremy and Traci’s West Coast Swing classes are a great place to relax and have fun, while learning dance. They are interactive teachers creating an atmosphere ideal for learning. We are so glad they are here. – Mike & Teri Powell

Traci and Jeremy are energetic, outgoing and very knowledgable. They are easy going and patient which makes going to dance lessons fun and enjoyable. My wife and I are looking forward to continuing are dance experience with them. Hopefully at a nice new facility – Michael Stroble, Navarre

The friendliness and professionalism of the owners of DanceCraft is a big bonus!! I am really pleased at all the renovations already accomplished in such a short time span! Here’s to many more dances and lessons at DanceCraft at their beautiful venue!  Thanks for providing quality instruction at a quality facility! Love the music too!! – Kathy Hackleroad, Gulf Breeze

I have had multiple pros complement me recently, saying that I have gotten significantly better over such a short period of time. They are correct, and the reason I’ve gotten so much better is because of your instruction. Your class is amazing and I want to say thank you! – Joshua Lyons

My west coast style swing initially came from ballroom instruction… which was okay, but I wanted to be able to dance the cool style I saw everyone else doing. HOW?? I went to one of Jeremy and Traci’s group lessons and was hooked!! – Beverly Bogan

Jeremy and Traci bring a level of organization and professionalism that will really help our social dance community in the Pensacola area to flourish which is exciting. – Shawn Morrison

Jeremy and Traci’s class is great. This class focuses on techniques, which can be applied to patterns, instead of just learning patterns. It has helped me tremendously in progressing as a dancer. – Rodrick Hamme